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AMP Enterprise Edition

AMP Enterprise Edition allows you to sell Game Servers with AMP pre-installed and allow users access to those game server instances via AMPs web interface. It may be distributed amongst any number of machines, and there is no difference in pricing for controller/target nodes.

Licence Size

Need 500+ instances? Please contact us. Licences may be upgraded on-demand, or downgraded the day after the next billing cycle.

Billing Platform Integration

APIs are available for integration with other services. Integration plugins can be downloaded from the licence manager after purchase.

Payment Interval

Two months per year are free when paid annually.

A minimum of 100 instances is required for one-time payments.
One-time licences come with 1 year of support, after which a fee of 10% of the licence cost applies per-year for continued support.

Support Entitlement

Technical and deployment support package available with your licence

Community Support

Get support from other members of the CubeCoders community

Includes access to priority 'Enterprise Users' channel

Email Support

Get direct responses for support queries from CubeCoders via Email

Typical 24h turnaround during UK working hours

1:1 Phone/VoIP Support

Access to phone/voip calls to get 1:1 support for technical issues or feature discussions

Usage limitations apply, includes email support

Price: £20 GBP/month excl. VAT
Approx $ USD/€ EUR subject to exchange rates.
If you are a UK/EU based business with a VAT registration number, make sure to select
"I'm purchasing as a business" during checkout to get business pricing/reverse charge VAT.