AMP Enterprise Terms of Purchase

These terms supersede those of the regular AMP terms of sale.. Any terms from the standard AMP Terms of Sale remain in effect unless prescribed otherwise by this agreement.

This is an agreement between yourself and CubeCoders Limited, it should be treated as a legally binding contract. Please read carefully before accepting.

What is being purchased

The sale is of a licence along with a licence key to use AMP Enterprise Edition. It may be used on as many simultanious instances of the AMP software as have been purchased.

You are not buying a copy of the AMP software in of itself, nor are you purchasing a physical item.

Your licence is issued on a subscription basis. Unless a perpetual licence is being purchased, the subscription must be maintained and paid in full to continue use of the software. A one-week grace period (on which no late fees will apply) is permitted for late payments to allow for billing issues that need to be resolved.

Licence usage

AMP Enterprise licences are permitted for commercial use by individuals or commercial entities.

The licences may not be sold or disclosed to any third parties without the express permission of CubeCoders Limited.

AMP Enterprise Edition may not be licenced to persons under 18 years of age.

Revocation of licence

If an issued licence key is used in a manner other than prescribed in this agreement, CubeCoders Limited may revoke and disable all licences owned by the customer without notice.

In the event of a payment dispute such as a chargeback or reversal, CubeCoders Limited may revoke and disable the licence along with any other licences owned by the same person or organisation.

VAT details

If you are a VAT registered business based within the EU, you are required to provide us with your VAT registration number.

Licence changes and cancellations

You may increse the size of your AMP licence at any time. Decresing the size of a licence or cancelling it is performed after the next billing cycle. This acts as a notice period, you always make on additional payment at the current rate after the point you decide to downgrade or cancel your licence.

If you cancel a licences payment source without notice an invoice will be issued for the upcoming cycle that would have been owed.

Refunds and exchanges

It is strongly recommended that you evaluate AMP using either the Pro or Network Editions first (We offer refunds on those versions if you then later purchase Enterprise), and that you contact us if you have any technical queries about deploying or installing AMP prior to purchasing a licence.

AMP Enterprise licences are very strictly non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances, which are at the sole discretion of CubeCoders Limited.


You may cancel an AMP Enterprise subscription at any time by contacting CubeCoders at You should cancel at least 7 days before your subscription is due to renew or it may continue for one further cycle. If you do so your licence will remain active up until the end of its current billing period.